Saturday, October 13, 2007

Double Teamed

A poorly advertised IDYFT fun-fact is that the Big BM and Mr. Wice are allies in supporting their favorite NFL team. Unless, of course, you read this blog with attention to detail and make a real effort to know the IDYFT contributors (I'm looking at you Mike DeCourcy). So I've been getting it in multiple holes, four to be specific, from the stupidly optimistic Washington Foreskin fans pending their loss to the Packers this weekend in Green Bay (I'm taking it in both ear holes from talking to Big BM on the phone and both eyeholes from reading Wice's drivel, sheesh).

That the Packers are destined for victory this weekend and Barnyard is destined to hoist the first annual IDYFT Cup are self-evident truths. I can imagine zero ways the season will play out that prove the previous statement incorrect. We should be discussing interesting questions, like who between Wice and Mr. Norwood will sleep on the floor of Big BM's apartment (between his couch and coffee table if I recall the bet correctly).

Therefore, I respond only to offer the following statistics on Favre's interception record:
Favre 3.31 per 100 passes

George Blanda 6.91

John Hadl 5.72

League-wide 2006 3.17

Bart Starr 4.38

Otto Graham 6.00

Johnny Unitas 4.88

Fran Tarkenton 4.11

Joe Namath 5.85

Terry Bradshaw 5.38

Len Dawson 4.89

Bob Griese 5.02

Norm Van Brocklin 6.12

Sammy Baugh 6.78

Bobby Layne 6.58

Sonny Jurgensen 4.43

Joe Montana 2.58

Steve Young 2.58

Marino 3.02

Elway 3.12

Troy Aikman 2.99

Finally, my guess is the up and coming running back from Atlanta will spend an evening sleeping in "rash" country.


Andrew Wice said...

I'm not interested in crunching Barnyard's "numbers" (even the ones that laughably point out that over Favre's career he was more likely to throw an interception than the entire league in 2006), or ask where Mr. Non-Interception Bernie Kosar fits in, or demand citations for Barnyard's "statistics."

Because I am so pleased that someone has the audacity, the temerity, the sardonic irreverence and the plausible deniability to stand up for their team (which is obviously crap) and say, "No way, jerk, I think my team is less mediocore than yours!"

That is the true spirit of the 2007 IDYFT Cup, and I salute Barnyard.

Enjoy your brutal ass-kicking with a clear conscience.

Andrew Wice said...

Yes well, congrats Barnyard. The Packers are, in fact, less mediocre than the Redskins.

Did you enjoy watching the Redskins try to catch the football? I think I know a bunch of guys who need some Isotoner glovers stuffed in their stockings ... among other places.

lbutler36 said...

since when is 5-1 mediocre? 3-2 on the other hand.....