Sunday, October 21, 2007

Blogger Round-Up, Soccer and Junk

We haven't mentioned it here, mainly because we didn't watch it, but the US Men's National Team did beat Switzerland 1-0 earlier this week. If you want to simulate watching the game via blog, soccer superstore blog That's On Point has their commentary up.

Other people have thoughts on it, Like Demko over at the City Pages. Jmayers over at The Beautiful Game has his thoughts and the video of the goal. We found this video of Robinho working some crazy shit on the touchline over the Beautiful Game, too.


OK, back to other stuff. (But first, did you watch that? Holy shit, right? Robinho is the Holy Water Bug of St. Jesus Mountain)

Via the ever entertaining Amanda at You'll Never Blog Alone, we found out about these photos over at This Is Extra Time, featuring the US National team engaging in some dangerous horseplay in the hotel pool. Reminds me of when I was traveling to Jupiter Beach to play in soccer tournaments. It does not remind me of the time I was getting ready to try to stop a 5 game losing skid. I hope Carlos Bocanegra waited 30 minutes after eating to get in the pool. Eating hot Swiss poon! I apologize for that joke.

Sniffing the Touchline, Limey Bastards that they are, present a list of silliest NFL names vs. silliest Soccer names. They include Maurice Morris, because Brits pronounce "Maurice" as "Morris", and "filet" as "fillit." Then they have the cheek to suggest that their fucked up pronounciation of French words is a sign of our stupidity. Go eat some Bubbles and Squeak, you bastards! Go Banger Her and Mash! etc, etc. On the whole, it is a pretty entertaining list, though. They were even nice of enough to give out a special award to former college star Scientific Mapp. No love for his brother, Majestic, though.

This Suit Is Not Black has some thoughts on the importance of Rugby. She's surprised, mainly.


Miwacar said...

After the second of the three initial pass-overs, why doesn't the defender #4 just step up and put a body on Robinho? He let him get away with all of that, just standing there and then let him do it again at the touch line.

"Com cara brasileira! Com jeito brasileira!"

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