Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

This Sunday, the collected favorites of the IDYFT bunch have another chance to prove that we're not all total fools. One of these games pits the two front-runners in the IDYFT Cup (as well as the NFC, I guess) against each other in a rare head-to-head Lombardi grudge match.

The other IDYFT teams have important games as well. The indoor Vikings are lucky to travel to Chicago in October, rather than December, in what could be one of the lowest-scoring Fudgefests of the weekend. Oakland will try to remain the leader (I kid you not) in the Quicksand Surprise AFC West by going to Nerf-tastic San Diego.

And no one has said peep to defend, honor or prosecute their teams. This, in their time of need (as we all knew it would be, by Week 6).

So I'll toss in my biscuits. The Redskins will dismantle the Packers in exactly the same way that they dismantled the Lions. The secondary will scare the Packers WRs, the D Line will press All-Time Interception Leader Brett Favre into INTs, we will run the ball hard and QB Jason Campbell will dissect the Green Bay secondary. KR Rock Cartwright will gash the Packers, despite having few opportunities to field kickoffs.

What worries me about the Redskins in Week 6? The knee of Clinton Portis.


lbutler36 said...

Brett Favre: All time wins leader. If most interceptions comes with it, so be it.

Who is the Redskin's QB this week?

Muumuuman said...

I'm sorry, talking Smack for the Lions is strickly verboten: it causes them to loose seven straight games, just like breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck.