Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Twin Cities - Hot Bed of Duck Stamp Competition

No, not the art of stamping on ducks. That would be cruel & weird. You probably gotta go to Wisconsin for something like that. Unless it is the least funny (fictional or nonfictional) duck in history, Mallard Fillmore. Stamp him all you want.

According to the Star-Tribune (who better not be pulling our legs here) the US Fish and Wildlife Service has decided the Twin Cities will host the 2008 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest.

Why the Twin Cities? Maybe because we rule at this.

Last year's winner was Joseph Hautman of Plymouth, Minn. His painting of a pair of northern pintail ducks was chosen from among 247 images by a panel of five judges on Oct. 13 in Sanibel, Fla. His stamp will be the 75th duck stamp.

Minnesota wildlife artists have created 17 of 75 duck stamps - more than any other state - and Minnesotans have bought more than 9.1 million duck stamps since 1934.

Suck on that, other places!

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