Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pre-Season NCAA Basketball Rankings

In what we hope will be an ongoing series, we will look at the Top 25 Rankings from, and let you know where we think they went astray. Unlike most countdowns, we think the most disagreement and drama will be at the bottom of the rankings, so we will be starting at the top, and working our way down. Let's not wait, yeah boss? Let's party why not?

Rival's #1: UNC.
Why they are good: Returning almost everybody from a pretty good team last year, except Brandan Wright. Lawson, Ellington, Hansborough, Ginyard.
Why they aren't THAT good: Roy Williams and Hansborough may be the most overrated whitey combo in the NCAA's. Hansborough is tough against undersized opponents, disappears against men his size. Not as quick as he is given credit for. Roy Williams has a habit of coaching teams to 2nd round losses in the NCAA.

Rival's #2: Memphis
Why they are good: Like UNC, returning a lot of folks, including Douglas-Roberts, Dorsey, and Dozier. It is a fantastic front-court.
Why they aren't THAT good: Head Coach Calipari seemed content to face cupcakes in the preseason last year, and this team ran through a week Conference USA. Will they face some real competition early in the year, and get tougher quicker? Their backcourt is young and unproven. Just because Rivals says that the new freshman is badass doesn't mean that he is.

Rivals #3: UCLA
Why they are good: Darren Collison in the backcourt, and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute in the front court. Solid at every position, if not exceptional. Losing Afflalo isn't the dagger that people think.
Why they aren't THAT good: Being the top team in the PAC-10 isn't the same thing as being the top team in the ACC, or fucking Conference USA. This team is going to have their hands full, night in, night out. They are much more likely to lose to the 5th best team in their conference than Mempis or UNC is.

Rivals #4: Kansas
Why they are good: Mario Chalmers may be the biggest badass in the backcourt in the country. Brandon Rush, if he comes back full speed after tearing his ACL in May, and is still kicking an awesome old school fade, can and will score in bunches. Julian Wright was good, but this team should be able to replace his scoring without too much effort. Darrell Arthur could be scary good, now that he's a full time player.
Why they aren't THAT good: If Rush were healthy, this team would be a #2. With the team they have now, I would stilll put them ahead of Memphis. But this is Kansas--they will find a way to lose games that they should have won. The Ghost of Roy Williams haunts them still. Any team that relies upon a center whose name is a homonym for Chaka Khan is probably asking for trouble.

Rivals #5: Louisville
Nope, no reason for them to be here. Weird choice from Rivals. I think I'd put the next 10 teams they rank ahead of Louisville, and that includes at least 2 teams from the Big 10, which I'm well known to be prejudiced against. If Louisville makes it the Elite 8, I'll eat the Rival's hat of choice.


Anonymous said...

derrick rose = one badass motherfucker, led his two to two consecutive IL state championships, one of which was considered the best Chicago Public League team ever...and that is saying something

Anonymous said...

sorry....lead his team to two.

also, rose is the memphis freshman.

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