Monday, October 15, 2007

College Basketball Season is Coming!

Whilst researching Mike DeCourcy, we stumbled across the fact that he was one of The Sporting News experts on College Basketball. His collegiate hoops articles didn't make us anywhere near as angry as his forays into the NFL, perhaps because it felt like he knew what he was talking about when it came to college hoops.

For example, here's a well-sourced, well-reasoned take on what is going on at Indiana, with Kelvin Sampson getting in trouble for calling his recruits the wrong way. My one beef is the idea that Indiana now has the players to compete for NCAA title. They will certainly compete in a rather suspect Big 10, absolutely. They may even get a very favorable seed in the NCAA tournament. But if they are in the final game, I'll eat the hat of DeCourcy's choice.

Here are DeCourcy's 8 Indisputable Truths for the year. The Truths that I agree with wholeheartedly are that the PAC-10 will be the conference of the year, and that Kansas is underrated. Kansas will probably manage to lose to the Richmond Spiders in the Sweet 16, but they'll look dominant up until that point. I also agree that the Gillespie lovers are expecting too much from Kentucky. Tubby Smith, while not perfect, was not the sole reason for the "decline" of Kentucky basketball.

I'm tingly with college basketball excitement. Go Hoyas! (Not that I'm not totally psyched for the Colorado vs. Cleveland World Series. That will be totally not boring at all. I am particularly interested in the pitching match-up between "That Guy" and "Who's That?". I can't wait!


Jess said...

At least Cleveland has the distinction of being the Ugliest Team in Major League Baseball. So, that's nice.

Muumuuman said...

I move that we add the Mike DeCourcy anagram "Medicore Yuck[ing]" into our Neoligistic Vanacular.

Medicore Yuck[ing]: Poor sports writing

What say we, yay or nay?

Miwacar said...

I believe Big BM would find the Big Ten "suspect" almost every year, even the years in which the conference is strongly represented in the Sweet 16 and beyond. His pre-season prognostication would hold the conference in a certain contempt, leveling an "overrated" label at each season's inception. It is just his way.

Muumuuman, I am absolutely up for folding "Mediocre Yucking" into the IDYFT vernacular.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Miwacar, I understand your homerism defense of the Big 10, even though I do believe I had 2 Big 10 teams in my Elite 8 last year.

But this year is not the year to make your case. The four best offensive players in a very top-heavy conference are all gone. Ohio State lost their 2 Fantastic Freshmen, Wisconsin graduated their 2 senior badasses, and really--Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Northwestern are all probably a year away from competing in the A-10, much less the Big 10.

To sum up: last year's crappy teams, still crappy. last year's great teams--severely diminished.

Jakob Kagel said...

add me to your links