Friday, October 05, 2007

Blogger Round-Up

Before the Round-Up, let me pass my regrets to Jerious Norwood and Miwacar's Lady, who are fans of the Cubs and Phillies, respectively. I didn't watch much of either game, but I do know that Norwood will be probably be fuming about that 5th inning for awhile.

The Sports Couch Potato, which we should read more often, has insights, news, and links a plenty. Read his take on TBS Baseball coverage so far. I largely agree, though I don't share his optimism of the Frank Caliendo show. The SCP also links a nasty story about a CBS TV producer who got busted, Chris Hanson style, exchanging tickets for the chance to sleep with an 11 year girl. Thanks to the SCP, I also got to read this column, about the inherent wrongness of putting Friday Night Lights on Friday night. It's wrong dammit, and does seem like the kind of move that a network makes when they are looking for a reason to cancel a show. I love the show, but I can imagine high school football players loving it too, and they can't watch it, because they are fucking playing under the real Friday Night Lights.

The Postmen is another blog we pledge to read more often. There's the desperate (and futile) plea of a Cub's fan. There's the incredible story about cheerleaders distracting NFL Players, and the news that Stephon Marbury can not be judged, lest you be judged yourself.

Our friends over at Rumor and Rants got named as a top 25 Influential Sports Blogger, by some other blogger we've never read/barely heard of. Is that sour grapes talking? Yes. Yes it is.

But we're fine not being in the Top 100. We are too hip and underground for some Top 100 list. Too Challenging, Too In Your Face, Man. You can't handle the radical paradigm shift we bring to the Interwebs.

Man, first losing the Saucy Male Bloggers contest the Ladies held (not even in the tournie!), and now this. We are saddened. Though we guess we are happy for our friends. Who we've never actually met, and aren't really friends with.

We note there wasn't room in the Top 100 for Leave the Man Alone, either. Which is total bullshit.

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The HCIC said...

Thanks for thinking of me, but you know good and well that I don't influence anybody.