Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We are One Year Old and We are Strong

We Turned One Year Old Today. We are Big Boys Today. Or, if you rather, We Are Super Strong Chinese Girls Today. In any case, about a year ago, I started this blog, and recruited the smartest, goofiest, assholiest guys I knew to write for it. And here we are a year later, and other blogs link to us and stuff. It's crazy!

Big Crazy Shout-Out to Will at Deadspin who linked to us early and often, and (thank heavens) didn't turn out to be some supernerd 10 years our junior, but actually about our age. That makes us feel better suckling at the Deadspin Teat. We're ageist. Fuck you. The fact is, we occasionally get emails from neophyte sports bloggers asking us for advice. First we tell them, "Are you kidding? We've been at this for a year. We aren't Yoda. Fuck, we're not even Aughra." And then we tell them, "Write something new, write something different, and then send it to Deadspin."

I'd also like to quickly thank the other blogs who link to us, or comment on our blog often, and always have something fun to say. There's the HCIC from Leave the Man Alone, Jess from I Was Told There Would Be Bacon, LButler from DeadOn, The Fan of The Fan's Attic, Ted from A Price Above Bip Roberts, and of course, Zach from The Big Picture. There are plenty of others, of course, but these are the folks who show up the most often.

I'd also like to thank the Lads who participated in Pros vs. Joes, and helped make this the informal blog of ex-Joes. You'll be hearing more from them, whether they like it or not!

thanks to my fellow writers on this blog. Yes, even Badcock.

And so, to cap off our unexpectedly successfully year, I'd like to link to a couple of my favorite entries from the past year. I encourage my fellow contributors to do so as well.

The Sports Legion of Doom

Fun Facts About World Cup Finalists

The Great Goal Video Thread

The Buddy Cop Quotient, rating NFL backfields in terms of Buddy Cop Movies. We'll probably bring this one back.

Anyway, heartfelt thanks to anyone who has read us, linked to us, mentioned us in passing. I'm a little shocked this blog is still up and running, much less getting linked to by other blogs. We'll get sappy again in May 2008.

Until then, nobody bodders me.


Jess said...

What a momentous occasion. Congrats! I have nothing funny or clever to say, mostly 'cause I'm drunk.

Miwacar said...

Happy New Year! Oh my goodness...I'm drunk too.

The HCIC said...

Happy birthday. You may be 1 year old, but you're on a 5th grade writing level, for sure. :)

The Fan's Attic said...

congratufuckinglations guys. one year and still going strong.

ynba said...

Congratulations! I am also drunk, and surprised to learn that I am older than you.

Um, that is, my blog is older. I am probably younger than y'all.

Badcock said...

Big BM you asshole, you told me you were Yoda.

I even danced with the Ewoks for you.

Phil said...

Nice. Congrates!!

Badcock said...

Phil you fucking pansy, you never show up anymore. Big BM didn't mention your entertaining Double-Nickel. Maybe it's because you're in the downtime.

What are you raising, children?

Come back to our reindeer games. For example: nice fucking QB, boner. You won't win the Superbowl with him.