Saturday, May 05, 2007

Blogger Round-Up

We do love the Bat-Girl around here. And not just the spunky red-headed daughter of Commish Gordon. We also love the blog. Recent reasons to love include: the news that Joe Mauer got named to Most Eligible Bachelor list, and just a downright cruel working of Sidney Ponson's diary. And then they also tell us that TwinsGeek is having a haiku contest? Awesome.

My entry:
The Gates of Shinto
Will drive you or cradle you
He hits and catches.

This Suit is Not Black blogs about Tom Brady getting caught wearing a Yankees cap. Perhaps he just impregnated the corpse of Billy Martin?

Leave The Man Alone is possibly the only Blog allowed to congratulate Don Imus' Lawsuit and title a post This Week in Vick in the same week.

The BAllS of City Pages of the Twin Cities aren't above linking to an article just for the great pun. And really, if anyone's colon is going to taste good, it's going to be an Angel's (according to the Apocrypha, Angels poop honey*). Pete Schilling was there to watch Tim Wakefield's knuckler in action, and he has some thoughts on it. In fact he compares that pitch to one of America's most famous almost-stew of hassenpfeffer. That pitch is indeed perplexin'.

Fan's Attic points out that a good time to rob professional athletes is when they are on your TV and stuff. Fan's Attic acts like they are just reporting this story, but we know better. We think Fan's Attic is up to his armpits in Pro DVR junk.

YNBA is back, and she's making sense. Soccer fans are sometimes poor. Stop making the best games available only on the most expensive channels. On a personal St. Paul front, I'd really like to have ESPN Classic back, please. If you are going to use that station to replay very current soccer games, I should have it. I'm only paying $80/month. You fucking dicks. In the meantime, YNBA could make us feel better by winking at us and telling us her thoughts on eminent domain. We're nerds, you see.

Rumors and Rants are way into the homo-eroticism of this big Boxing Fight, without once really recongizing the ridiculous homo-eroticism of it all. But go to their blog, look at the photos. Do we want these men to punch each other, or kiss? Hard to tell. I say finding Oscar De La Hoya attractive shouldn't be gay at all. He's pretty.

He's probably going to get his dog walked, but so be it.

*You haven't read the Apocrypha, you don't know.

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