Monday, May 28, 2007

Blogger Round-Up

Let's see what our friends are talking about. Of course, by "friends" we mean "other bloggers who sometimes drive traffic towards us by linking to us, and so we have to repay the favor every once in a while, even if we secretly hate them." If we call them friends, we don't feel like such dirty fucking whores.

Recent discovery (and by "discovery" we mean "he alerted us to his presence". We discovered him much the same way Columbus discovered America) The Sports Couch Potato has what we think must be breaking news on the possibility of Lesley Visser getting into the Arena Football League. From the SCP, we also learned that Visser is married to Dick Stockton, which seems like settling on any number of levels for Visser.

A Price Above Bip Roberts, who occasionally write for us, is attempting to ferret out Anna Kornikovas in other sports. I gotta say I don't agree with most of his selections, but the idea is note-worthy.

The Beautiful Game analyzes the US roster for the up coming Gold Cup. We applaud his ability to find a positive in the inclusion of the wrinkled suck that is Steve Ralston. Steve Ralston couldn't score in a bucket of fannies. Steve Ralston couldn't finish a fucking sandwich. We kind of hate fucking Steve Ralston. TBG thinks he was included to a be a veteran presence. We think that kind of influence should be kept away from our young midfielders. Parents worry about their Boy Scout troop being led by homosexuals, but no one bats an eye at Steve Ralston being the influence on a bunch of young soccer players? The potential for damage is much higher in the latter scenario.

(we don't care for Steve Ralston)

We Are the Postmen have the early heads up on the next empowering lady soccer movie, which apparently has Dermot Mulrooney in it. The Postmen didn't mention the fact that Elisabeth Shue is also in it, who for the last decade and a half, has consistently made us feel funny in our pants.


lbutler36 said...

Mapp and Dempsey on the wings, donovan and beasley in the center. I wish McBride was on the roster to pair up with Ching up front

Badcock said...

"Couldn't score in a bucket of fannies" is delightful, Big BM. Keep up the good work.

The Beautiful Game said...

good stuff about ralston, i've always thought he was garbage