Saturday, May 05, 2007

Wager Accepted

Redskins record versus the Raiders record in 2007? You're definitely on, No-Wood.

Can we also wager on whose "athletic" QB ends the season on IR? Can the Raiders lead the NFL in sacks given up, yet again?

Your pathetic caveat regarding the strength-of-conference is absurd. Let's look at the divisions.

The most talented team in the NFL (Chargers) are about to be helmed by one of the worst head coaches to ever whine (Nerf-neck Turner). The Chiefs have Herm Edwards. 'Nuff said ... almost. I always liked Edwards when he coached the Jets but I read something by a Jets fan sometime when he said he hoped Edwards would die in a fire. Now that's 'nuff said. Them boners are going to regret losing Dante Hall, mark my words. And the Broncos? Always a bridesmaid ...

As for the NFC East ... well, I'll let you characterize my division. Might be fun, like watching a retard boil chickens.

I think they all suck and the Redskins should win the division.

You've discussed what the LOSER gets. What does the winner get, in this wager?

I have to hope that it's a steaming hot pile of coke tits.


Anonymous said...

The Raider suck.

Jerious Norwood said...

Your mom swallows

Badcock said...

Your mom can't swallow, because of her tracheotomy. It just kind of dribbles out of the hole in her neck and onto her pasties.

Muumuuman said...

I see the only label for this post is Disney. Uhm... I wonder if anyone searching blogs for Disney related material have stubled upon this one. Is that pixie dust on that booty?