Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baby Gonna Cry?

Beleaguered parents of the world easily recognize that which is going down in Fromunda Land, a tantrum. Once great quarterback Brett Favre continues to scrape away the remaining layers of his respectability, as he asks to be traded, then states he doesn’t want to be traded, then says he will miss the Packers mandatory mini-camp, and finally agrees to attend the mini-camp. Apparently, all of this is because the Packers didn’t land Randy Moss. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of the much maligned 18/84, but he, in his latter days, is not worth it Brett. He is at times a divisive, punk-ass player and certainly not worth all of the trouble. He would certainly have been a nice target when he decided it was worth his while to play, but with him it is a crap shoot.

Brett, do we have to sit you down in the Time Out chair for 40 minutes?

It has now been two very eventful off-seasons for the MVP. What gets me is that he does all of this to return to a total crap team. Or maybe it’s the most talented team he has ever been a part of, I forget.


lbutler36 said...

1) I am very happy that the Packers didn't trade for Moss. It wouldn't have worked, there is too much bad history.
2) I don't know how you can call an 8-8 team that missed the playoffs after like the fifth tie breaker total crap.
3) Packers = 2007-08 NFC North CHamps

Badcock said...

Moss in Green Bay would have resulted in a meltdown before the second week. The front office was smart for not shooting another hole in their team.

Favre is understandably frustrated: there is no talent on his team, his physical abilities are fading quickly and he is no longer mentioned as a top QB anymore.

Frustration can yield reactionary decisions, such as trying to force a trade because the Packers made no serious effort to get Moss. Thinking Randy Moss is the answer to a team with no lines, no RB and no D is the sort of stupidity I expect from the Raiders and Lions.

Still, you have to give Favre credit. He just wants to win. You know what I mean? He plays QB with a LB's mentality. He's like a kid out there. Hey Brett: IT"S OVER!

Jerious Norwood said...

buttplug36 is apparently a Packer fan who doesn't want a future hall of fame receiver whose currently running a sub-4.3 forty on his team. Is he aware that Farve is only playing one or two more years? Yes Randy has a bad attitude towards the media, and he's a front runner. This means that you'll only read mean things about him in the press, and if your team sucks he'll only make the situation worse. That said, its interesting that Packer fans don't want Moss on their team. It seems they'd rather have what will almost certainly be (at best) a marginal playoff team given their talent at the skill positions, rather than the last opportunity to make a serious run with one of the preeminent talents to ever play pro football. Better to revel in working-class morality than actually try to win. Makes sense to me too.

Muumuuman said...

Why don't you just marry Moss, Norwood. Moss and Norwood sittin' in a tree, sub 4 3 fourty give you a woodie....

Badcock said...

Norwood, I think you have a vitamin deficiency. Running a sub 4.3 forty means exactly fucking nothing. That's a time run on a track. It does not apply during a football game, where you actually are expected to give a shit for four quarters.

Obviously the Packers suck, just like the Raiders he just left. Of course he would make them worse.

By the way, the Packers aren't a "marginal playoff team" you boner. They will be wallowing at the bottom of the NFC North with the Lions ... which is pretty much as deep as you can wallow.

If Moss is so unstoppable, why did the Raiders let him go for zilch? I just want you to explain that again. Since he is one of the preeminent [sic] talents to ever play pro football, after all...

Jerious Norwood said...

smallcock, its amazing that you know precisely nothing about a sport that you claim to enjoy so much apparently dominated at the jv club level at the New Jersey school for the mentally impaired.

Your right, the forty time of an athlete means exactly fucking nothing. That must be why a marginally substandard 40 time pushes players many rounds down every teams draft boards. You're a a fucking idiot.

I said GB is a marginal playoff team at best, doorknob. By the way, they have a far superior defense to your Savages, and if they can get production out of the offense they could make a run in the shitty NFC.

And finally, you mongoloid, the Raiders got rid of Moss because he stopped trying for them. Nobody's ever claimed that Moss comes w/o risk... but if you have maybe two more years left before your QB walks, Moss is a reasonable chance to take. Pussy.

lbutler36 said...

Jerius NoWood is awesome at changing other people's names to something less creative and vaguely insulting.

Big Blue Monkey said...

He's also at finding ways to make you break mentally, so be careful lbutler36. I've personally witnessed one borderline mental breakdwon Jerious caused, when he brought disposable cameras to a Fantasy Football brunch our league was having. He preceded to take pictures of only one guy at our table, over and over again. 2 or 3 cameras worth. The guy almost lost his shit.

Badcock said...

No-wood is someone always inclined to infringe on our Consitutional guarantees of protection from things cruel and unusual.

Anyone remember when Seth (I think) ate a raw habanero? Fucking hilarious. Irrelevent to the issue at hand, but hilarious.

Responding to Norwood gets tiresome. No shit teams are in love with 40 times, # of 300 lb bench presses and vertical leap when they're drafting. But time and time again, these attempts to quantify football talent yield an orchard of boners.

Remember Tony Mandarich? Remember all them Olympic gold medalists who were supposed to be WRs?

Any idea what Jerry Rice ran in the 40? It doesn't matter. All the numbers in the combine don't add up to any indication of how good a player will be on the field. You know what matters more than the difference between a 4.3 and a 4.4 forty? Desire.

If anyone can make Moss desire to win football games, it has to be the Patriots. There would be no reason for him to try to win in Green Bay and it would have been a disaster and the end of Moss's career. Moss was not a "reasonable" chance for the Packers. He quit on the Vikings, he quit on the Raiders ... what makes you think he wouldn't quit on the Packers?

You're like watching a monkey trying to hump a doorknob: only briefly entertaining.

Finally, the implication that Favre will "walk" away from the game is absurd. He'll be wheeled out on a stretcher. You know this.

Muumuuman said...

I think I ate the Habañero (notice the tilde - do we have to go over that again? & n t i l d e without spaces dammit) with Garwood and we had a drooling contest. Good times.

Badcock said...

MMMan -- thanks for recollecting the habanero incident. Before you insult me for having to "go over that again" you might want to make sure you know what the fuck you're doing with your tilde. Because my computer makes your &n look stupid. You don't need the Help with that, you do that on your own.

By the way ... the Lions? I like the perverse adherence, I do. And if you were taken in by the greatness of Barry Sanders (Best. Running Back. Ever.) (Imagine if he had a team. C'mon), I understand. But you're not from Detroit, and I don't remember you ever wearing Lions gear etc. Honestly, clue me in. You've lived many places. How, for example, did you not become some sort of moustache-flaunting Broncos fan?

In a final note, rabidly vehement fans of teams that have sucked for a long time but who suffer (sometimes loudly, and I mean ME) through the horror because one day their team will return and dominate and win the Superbowl and all of their preseason predictions will finally pan out and their favorite player will score 6 TDs (or record 10 sacks or INT 6 balls or whatever) ... bless you.

Fuck everyone who just discovered that their grand-uncle used to live in Indianapolis or their great-aunt was busted for pedophilia in Chicago.

There are plenty of teams who don't have a voice on this site who deserve something better, sometime.

But at last count, fans of the Raiders, Lions, Vikings, Packers and three-time World Champion Washington Redskins are in attendance. All of our teams suck right now. And we'll follow all of them to the grave.

Bless Sports. What the fuck would we have to argue about otherwise, spread out as we all may be? I don't have a TV, Norwood, so I can't disagree with your infatuation with Dharma and Greg (e.g.).

Muumuuman said...

I was born and raised (first 12 years of my life) in Bay City, a few hours north of Detroit.

You are correct, that tilde code works in IE, but not Safari. I'm not sure about firefox. ñ - does that work? thats & # 2 4 1