Friday, May 04, 2007

My Picks for the Derby

Nobiz Like Shobiz and Scat Daddy

UPDATE: the Oaks played out pretty much exactly as I predicted - Mistical Plan created the pace duel to take herself and Dreaming of Anna out and the stalkers took over at the top of the lane and the deep closers got past the ace-setters as well. Tough Tiz's Sis and Sealy Hill were in position and had opportunities but failed to fire. Rags to Riches was much the best and Octave ran a clear second. I lost overall on the wagering but did get a bit back hitting the exacta.

DERBY PREDICTIONS: (well, actually not predictions so much as here's what I'm betting on)

$1 Partial Tri-key 12,14 / 2,8,12,14 / 2,8,12,14,6,15 = $24
$2 Exacta 12,14 / 12,14,2,8,6,15 =$20
$8 to win on 12
$8 to win on 14

DERBY OBSERVATION: Tom Hammond and Hank Goldberg should not be on HDTV. Guh.


Garwood B. Jones said...

Hey Norwood, would you compare me to Hank Greenberg? I know that I'm no Kenny Mayne or even creepy Tom Hammond but I want to be compared to some 3rd-tier ESPN guy.

Muumuuman said...

Me thinks you shoulda added seven to one of those bets. Seven is a lucky number. Way luckier than 12 or 14. I guess thats why they call it gamblin'.