Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Amy Winehouse, Talented?

If you think she is talented, maybe this will change your mind. OK, it probably won't, because she's awfully talented.

Thanks Soul Sides!

Oh, and if you like Amy Winehouse, there's absolutely no reason for you not to have some Detroit Cobras.


Miwacar said...

She is talented. Last night she played the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis and after the show she came over to my place and showed off her amazing talents at "Feats of Strength". She lifted my large HDTV over her head (BBM knows how heavy that thing is). She then hoisted the couch with me still on it, after a bout of the old "rough and tumble" with her sultry ass. TALENTED...

And then I woke from one of the better dreams I have had in awhile.

Jess said...

I shall not be missing the Detroit Cobras show at the Triple Rock later this summer like I missed Amy Winehouse last night. Yeah, they play here all the time, I know.

God, I hate myself for missing Amy Winehouse. The one time I don't immediately pounce on tickets because, hey, they're not playing her on the radio yet or anything! Like, five people besides me know who she is. Damn you, Minneapolis hipsters!

As I walked past her tour buses on my way to the office, I contemplated just sitting there and waiting for her to come out so I could tell her how much she ruled. Of course, we'd instantly become BFF and spend the day drinking and doing each other's hair and of course she'd put me on the guest list for the show.

But I didn't do that. I just walked to the office and worked all day like a sucker.