Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Does This Keep Happening To My Favorite Team?

"Campbell's second-half drop-off last season concerned the Redskins' front office enough that it has stepped up its pursuit of Sanchez. Campbell also is in a contract year and Washington would have to invest franchise-type money to keep him for 2010 and beyond."

I am, calmly and quietly, going to consider this analysis from's Sal Paolontonio. It's the first explanation I've heard of why this meltdown is happening, besides the obvious fact that Dan Snyder is a fool (as I've explained in hilarious fashion here and here: "fucking chickens made me mad").

Rhetorically, I need to address the organization's logic in reverse order.

1) Contract year?

Paying Campbell in 2010 will cost less than paying the #4 pick of the draft in 2009.

2) 2nd half drop-off?

First Half of 2008
record: 6-2____QB rate: 99.5____Sacks: 16____Portis YPG: 118
Second Half of 2008
record: 2-6____QB rate: 72.3____Sacks: 22____Portis YPG: 67

percentage by which things got worse

record: 300%___QB rate: 137%____Sacks: 137%_Portis YPG: 176%

Interesting how Campell's drop in effectiveness is so harmoniously tied to his pass protection's drop in effectiveness. Another year of major injuries devastated the line, especially as the season wore on. Portis's accumulated injuries snapped his MVP bid and took the offense with it.

Campbell didn't have a drop-off, the team did. Unless I'm mistaken, he didn't personally surrender 27 points to the 6-9 49ers in the last game of the season.

Somehow lost in all this garbage is the fact that Campbell improved in every single statistical category from 2007 to 2008, despite being in yet another new offense.

hidden stat:
in 2007, Campbell lost 8 fumbles in 13 games behind a line ranked 12th in sacks allowed.
in 2008, Campbell lost 1 fumble in 16 games behind a line ranked 22nd in sacks allowed.

Don't want to hate on Snyder too much, but he's destroying my favorite team. If I were able to buy the team, I would have a better staff and philosophy. Come on people, buy enough of my books and I can rescue the Washington football team!

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Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

The fact that resigning Campbell would be cheaper than Sanchez is an excellent point, and one I have being made often enough.