Saturday, April 11, 2009

70's Bands I've Come Around On

Here are some 70's bands I didn't think I would ever like, but I find myself liking now.  Weigh in, bitches.


Mott the Hoople:

T. Rex:


frinklin said...

Mott the Hoople should not require any coming around on. "All the Young Dudes" and "All the Way From Memphis" should be on any list of totally awesome rock songs.

Andrew Wice said...

No. Sorry, but no.

I think this is a consequence of too much Guitar Hero, Big BM. Pick up a book instead!

Jess said...

I was under the impression you were a T. Rex fan from way back. Is it possible you're not quite as cool as I'd thought?

Lillian Wey said...

I second Jess' comment. I recall a specific conversation. Explain yourself, sir.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Fine, yes--I first purchased "Electric Warrior" whilst still in High School. But I had kind of filed T. Rex away in the same compartment as "Steve Miller Band" and "The Eagles" and as being a stupid high school mistake.

A couple of years ago I rediscovered the awesomeness.

Also, I believe strongly in the Rule of Three.