Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You Win, Mr. Irrelevant

For those not in the know, Mister Irrelevant is a Hell of a blog, particularly for those of who love our sports with a little DC flavor.   Produced by the Mottram Brothers, who both have real sports jobs, it is a blog I should be reading daily, but I don't, because I hardly ever find time to read sportsblogs, what with work and all.  And by "all" I mean, newspaper funnies blogs ripping on Pluggers and video game blogs.

I should be reading Mister Irrelevant more than I do, and linking to it more.  Hell, they've linked to us as much as we've linked to them, and that's ridiculous.  But, I always have a hard time imagining that someone who is reading this blog hasn't already real blogs first.

But on the advice of one The Black Freighter (who's impressive/exhaustive Twins series is still available for perusal) I clicked this link.  And this is what I saw:

And then I also saw this, and had no choice, but to shake my head mournfully, smile ruefully (I can do both of those things at once.  TALENTED.)  and make a purchase.


Andrew Wice said...

You have to admit, he is the "only whitey who touches the football."

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

I can't think of another who does. Unless kickers technically "touch" the football.

I'm going to get all excited about Suisham's autograph. Is he still with the team?

The Black Freighter said...

Honestly... can you think of another white athlete you'd want to see in a reality show more than Chris Cooley? Other than, of course, Greg Paulus as he attempts to play several college sports with mediocre precision.