Saturday, April 25, 2009

Skins Don't Fuck Up Draft. YAY

After all the talk about the Skins moving up to spend money on a rookie QB with only 16 games of experience in college, they either decided not to go for it, or were out spent by the Jets, who went up to pick #5 to get Mark Sanchez.  That relaxed the likes of myself and Andrew Wice, which was nice, as both of us were experiencing some tsuris going into this draft. 

Considering they only had one pick in the first two rounds, there was a minimum of damage or success The Drunken Savages could be considered to have.  Not chasing a QB was a good way to reduce damage.  Continuing to improve the defensive line was a great way to go after some success.

And it looks like they lucked out in getting Texas defensive end Brian Orakpo.  Or at least, the Drunken Savage management is acting as if they got lucky--is there a team who picks after #10 who doesn't grab a guy who they were shocked to find was still available?  The Washington Post quoted the embodiment of the Peter Principle, Vinny Cerrato as being shocked that Orakpo was still around.  There are some injury issues, which may have scared some teams off, and usually tend to be bullshit.  Aside from concussions, past injuries are no real indicator of future injuries.   

When the Savages picked him, someone in the cast of thousands ESPN deploys to this thing said, (I'm paraphrasing), "Skins fans haven't seen a guy on the outside of the line like this since Charles Mann or Dexter Manley."  

Couple that with the HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR signing of interior defensive guy Albert Haynesworth, that's a defensive line that has grown by leaps and bounds by getting just two dudes.  One final word on Orakpo.  He's strong.


Andrew Wice said...

At the end of that Post article, Ceratto reassures Washington fans that "Jason was always going to be the starter."

Oh, ok. Why didn't you just say so before? Spazz.

I'm all for "the Rak." He looks strong and fast and could develop quickly surrounded by vets Haynesworth and C. Griffin.

However Big BM, I rather disagree with your assertion that a history of injuries "usually tend to be bullshit. Aside from concussions, past injuries are no real indicator of future injuries."

Knee injuries have a very high tendency to become chronic. Once a player has had ACL surgery, his career will always be at risk. Just ask our own "White Chocolate Express" Miwacar.

That being said, Rak has never suffered ligament damage and has never had surgery.

This move also takes pressure & spotlight off Haynesworth. I like it.

BGGB said...

I like how Vinny thinks anybody gives a shit what he says.