Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Brad Childress has mastered Lackadaisical Skepticism

You can correct me if I'm wrong, but Brad Childress' reaction to just about everything that has been reported about the Vikings has been, "That's fine; I don't really think it is true, but it is fine."

There are the myriad suggestions from fans about personnel moves, of course.  The Jay Cutler non-epic that came and went in the Twin Cities.  Despite begging columnists, angry fans, and the occasional dispassionate analyst who asked "Sage and Tavaris?  Really?", Brad stuck to his guns in a way that suggested an air of almost too much calm certainty:  "I don't see it as in shambles,..I feel like we've upgraded with a guy like Sage, and I think that those two guys will compete. ... Would we love to have a guy that could be a 10-year starter? Yeah, we would."  I like the end of that quote the most--it kind of paraphrases as:  Sure, we would love a franchise decade quarterback, but we aren't going to go out of our way to get one.

Last night, whilst attending his first hockey game,  Adrian Peterson, the super badass running back of the Vikings, told reporters that he's hoping to get bigger--gaining up to as many as twelve pounds to get to 230 pounds total. 

What does Childress think?  He's a bit skeptical, but he doesn't really care, either.  "Vikings coach Brad Childress expressed no real concerns today about Adrian Peterson’s desire to gain weight but did say he doesn’t think the Pro Bowl running back is going to actually add 12 pounds to his frame...Childress said he would encourage Peterson to play “at whatever weight he can and have great stamina and be able to finish and be able to still have the successes he’s had.” 

I'm beginning to think I'd enjoy Childress' off-season style if he weren't two things:  1) The Viking Coach  2) Such a bonehead during the season.  Aside from those two things, I think he's reverse-in-your-face attitude would be pretty enjoyable.

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Garwood B. Jones said...

Reason #3? It's strangely reminiscent of another amiable guy that I didn't much like: Donald Rumsfeld.

Would we like more troops (conveniently forgetting that it was he himself who advocated for less)? Sure we would.

Fuck off, Major Dad.