Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vikings Experts Agree: They Need to Draft Somebody

But who should they draft?  That's where opinions start to vary, somewhat widely.

Sean Jensen of the Pioneer Press, states his belief quite clearly--The Vikings Should Draft An Offensive Player Who Can Help Right Away.  Jensen gives three prospects who could be available at #22, and it should be noted that just about everyone would guarantee that at least 1 of those players will definitely not ever be available at #22.  Possibly 2 of them of them.

Michael Oher?  No way in hell he slides to the Skins at #13, but if he does, they will take him.  Eben Britton, likewise will not be available at #20, much less #23.  Sean Jensen is high if he thinks the Vikings will have to choose between those two.  His third pick, Percy Harvin, is a good deal more likely.  Percy had some Marijuana issues at the combine, and there may be a hesitancy, given the new rules, to draft for kick returners.  Harvin might be available to the Vikings at #23.

But Chad Courrier of the Mankato Free Press has other ideas--he thinks the Vikings should Forget WR, and Draft DB's.   He's not afraid to throw around names like Troy Williamson and Sidney Rice to demonstrate how bad the Vikings have been at drafting Wide Receivers.  He argues for UConn defensive back/kick returner Darius Butler.  I only have one question about that pick--UConn has a football team?  Are we sure about that?

I'll predict this--if the Vikings aren't willing to give up the 2nd round pick and considerations it would take to get Boldin (why wouldn't they?) they will be stuck with a half-assed receiving corps, a half-assed Quarterback (Tavaris or Sage) and an aging secondary.  I'd argue that without some real work on the free agency side of things, the Vikings are not going to be better than Chicago or Green Bay.  

3rd place in a soft Division doesn't usually mean success.  

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