Thursday, April 23, 2009

Michael Wilbon Hates America, Makes Good Points

Let's the America-Hating part out of the way first.  Wilbon says to start off his column, "I hate the NFL draft. Okay, it's not the draft I hate, actually. It's the numbingly excessive hype, the mock drafts, the same-day declaration of winners and losers, the five hours it takes to get through the first round, the pontification, the overstatement. In the last five years I've probably watched a total of five minutes of the draft. For me, it's become must-not-see TV."

HATE THE NFL DRAFT?  Worse yet, hate the 8 hours of pregame coverage on ESPN?  And the pontification?  Michael Wilbon clearly hates America, and is maybe a terrorist.  But that aside, he makes some very good points.  They are good points because I made them myself 24 hours ago, but with more swearing.

Wilbon makes his point (without using the word "fuck" once, which makes it less cool) this way:

So, I'll watch a few minutes of the first round to see if the Redskins do what they usually do, which is to say, swing for the fences. If Dan Snyder owned a baseball team he'd have nine cleanup hitters.

The smart thing to do would be trade down, come away with two projected starters, one at right tackle and one at linebacker, and if possible, add a pick that can be used to trade for a veteran wide receiver, which might actually demonstrate a commitment to Campbell and all the work he's done over the last year with Jim Zorn. Apparently, there's nothing sexy about simply going to work and getting better or establishing some continuity.

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