Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gilding The Lily-Livered

Some of you might fondly recall the friendly Detroit Lion, "Roary." His lazy purring has continued unabated, lo these many years. Why, he didn't even stir when the Lions won their only playoff game ever (1991; Washington snuffed them 41-10 in the following game). But this epoch of gentle innocence has ended.

Hot on the heels of the worst football season in history, Detroit is ready to make some serious changes. No, I don't mean replacing the GM, coaching staff, offense and defense. I mean they're changing the logo to the fierce new Lions.20 (beta). Team President Tom Lewand explains, "The evolution allows us to present our Lions brand and visual identity in new, versatile and distinctive ways."

New, versatile and distinct. Good luck with that!


Muumuuman said...

Here is list of teams whose mascot is not found in north America (zoo, circus, or Sigfreid and Roy do not count):


No Superbowl rings for these teams.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

I think you could argue that Vikings, having been here and settled, do exist in some form.

You seem to be suggesting that changing the name of the Redskins to The Awesome Chinese Dragons is a bad idea.

Muumuuman said...

While some Minnesotans are decendents of Vikings, none of them are Vikings. That Kensington rune stone is hoax, as are the Vikings.

Andrew Wice said...

The Washington Awesome Chinese Dragons?

Read a history book. China hasn't won a war in a few thousand years. How about "The Washington Black Hand?" It would not only commemorate the large African-American population in our nation's capital but also the secret society which started WW I.

Andrew Wice said...

And the logo practically draws itself.

Muumuuman said...

One more problem, the lion is blue. Anyone ever seen a blue lion? Don't other logo's of actual animals maintain colors true to the animal? Oh - except the Bills. I've never seen a blue buffalo. Zero Superbowl rings for them and an amazing 4 consecutive Superbowl losses. Oddly enough, Denver won Superbowls after the bronco logo turned white.