Friday, April 17, 2009

Jason Kubel Hits for the Cycle

I admit that I gave up on the Twins on this one.  I don't feel like I was doing them a massive disservice after watching Jesse Crain totally shit the bed what had been a close game prior to his entry.  It was 3-3 at the top of the 7th.   By the end of that inning, thanks to Blackburn losing steam, Crain funking shit up, and a surprising Span error in the field, it was 8-4 at the top of the 8th inning.  No one can be blamed for turning that turd fest off.

But people who get paid to watch the game watch the game, and exceptional Twins writer La Velle Neal III summarized Kubel's night as well as anyone could:

He doubled in the first inning, singled in the third and tripled in the sixth. Then in the eighth, when it mattered the most, he clobbered a grand slam off Jason Bulger that brought the house down as the Twins rallied from five runs down to win 11-9.

It should be noted that with Kubel's knee surgeries, the idea of him hitting a triple seems comical.  It did require some help from Bobby Abreu struggling to dig the ball out of the wall for Kubel to huffenpuff into third base.  All the same, it fucking happened.

I'm still unsure what to make of the Twin's start out of the gate.  Their starters look great, until that one inning when it all falls apart.  They aren't hitting the way they did last year.  Obviously, it is still early.  While I'm certainly happy about the way this game turned out, I have a hard time seeing this squad, with their bullpen performing the way it is, winning this series against the Angels.

I've love Kubelly Kubelly, and it is one thing to hit for the cycle--it is another to do it whilst banging 5 RBI's, and a game winning Grand Slam.  That said, he still reminds me of the kid from About a Boy, if Hugh Grant had force fed him corn and baseballs.

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