Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vikings Have Almost Certainly Found Their Guy

Percy Harvin is a dynamic special teams player and would help improve a sketchy receiving corps.  He's also got bad Wonderlic scores and a love for the herb.  Sounds about right.

(That said, we here at IDYFT don't worry too much about weed or bad test scores.)


The Black Freighter said...

Exactly the conundrum I mentioned to you the other day. Childress has done a great job of ridding the team of complete artards (sans McKinnie), so you kind of wonder if we could get by with one dumbass stoner who would completely change the dynamic of our offense. Or do you play it safe and take Eben Britton... the huge people mover who majored in creative writing and was a team captain as a junior?

If you ask me, Britton is exactly who Childress will take with that much money on the line.

The Black Freighter said...

Yikes... did I just say "Brad Childress" and "great job" in the same sentence?