Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gil Thorp Taking On Internet Videos

Via the always enjoyable, frequently genius Comics Curmudgeon, I see that venerable "sports" soap opera comic strip is getting ready to take on the dastardly bastards that take video of people in the public arena and put them...ON THE INTERNET!

400,000 hits for a video of guy getting hit in the head with a baseball, and then catching that baseball with his cap?  That sounds pretty reasonable, actually.  I'd watch that video.  Why Thorpe is unhappy with his newfound notoriety, I'm unsure.  But I'll be following the story very carefully (OK, not at all that carefully).

No word on whether the T.A.P. Room of the Thorpuverse is related to Tapped, or whether it is just college punks making a beer pun.

I do enjoy watching old media finding yet another way to struggle against the Internets and TV in their final moments, like that deputy at the beginning of No Country For Old Men

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