Saturday, November 01, 2008

NFC North: One Man's Garbage

Involuntarily retired QB Daunte Culpepper has signed with the Detroit Fudgefest. Nota bene: the Lions have given up 25 sacks (4th most in the NFL), and their QBs have fumbled five times. Anyone want to wager this number spikes up once "Tiny Hands" gets behind center?

Culpepper had a decent skill set but age and injuries have rendered him unemployed. Leave it to the Lions, who started the season with Ratface "Guarantee" Kitna, to blow a wad of dough on a decrepit QB. Millen is gone, so how about the Lions concentrate on their offensive line and defense?

Involuntarily waived Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila is no longer a Packer. He hasn't had much of a season, but he is a talented pass rusher and has a Pro Bowl reputation. KGB could easily wind up on the Washington Redmints, where the pass rush could use a dose of vitamins. And we all know how much the Schneider loves to blow wads of dough on Pro Bowl reputations.

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