Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crap. Tom Brady Fights For Good.

Between being All-American White Boy Handsome, Breaking Records under Bill Belichek, Rising Mediocre Fantasy Teams to the Playoffs, and Giving it To American and Brazilian Hotties, it is easy, easy, easy to hate Tom Brady.  Practically cliche.  That's not including his appearance at the 2004 Republican Convention, which I sure as fuck remember, even if no one else does.

But, maybe, just maybe, there's a little Anakin in that Darth Brady.  I can't fault him for supporting OLPC, or their Holiday drive.  OLPC is a Foundation that has Fancy Pants, and Plans to Match.  NewsRadio allusions aside, they do good work--they seek ways to finance Solar Powered, Linux run, inter-connected laptops to Africa, South America, Asia--wherever the lack of electricty precludes computers.  They make laptops that are tough, simple, and efficient.  In short, they are attempting an end-round solution to the lack of infrastructure to the poorest of the poor.

No less a figure than Cory Doctorow, the Friendly DungeonMaster of the Internet has endorsed OLPC .

So, I guess, stop hating Tom Brady long enough to listen to the message.  It is a good one.

Tom Brady talks about OLPC
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great post BBM said...

I love this organization. This was my first year participating. Up until now, I think you had to buy two computers. I do know children to whom I could have bestowed such a gift, but let's face it, in my neighborhood the kids already own very impressive machines. This year you can opt to donate only. Awesome!