Monday, November 10, 2008

IDYFT NFL Pick 'Em: Ghost Points

Though he's fresh on the scene, Garwood has scored the most points for these last two weeks running. He scores a special GHOST POINT for predicting a narrow victory for the Vikes and the Chiefs snatching defeat from around Nerf's scabby, flabby neck.

Ghost Points cannot be redeemed in the Pick 'Em, but if you get five ghost points you'll receive a free spectral bj like in Ghostbusters.

The Standings
1. Adw: 33 (this week +4)
2. Jess: 25 (this week +10)
3. Big BM: 24 (this week +4)
4. Miwacar: 14 (this week -4)
5. Garwood: 10 (this week +10)
6. MMMan, Barnyard: 0 (this week -10)

This Week's Picks
1. Your Shoe-In?
2. This Week's Pathetic Upset List:
winless Detroit, Cincy, Oakland
3. Your Favorite/Disliked Team?
4. Clash of the Titans: New York Jets vs. New England Patriots


Andrew Wice said...

1. Carolina -- nice schedule, by the way
2. Cincy upsets Fatty Reid
3. Washington Wins and Dallas Loses!
4. J-E-T-S jets jets jets

Muumuuman said...

1. Miami
2. Cincinnati
3. Dallass Lose
4. Jets

Miwacar said...

1. Carolina
2. Cincy
3. Vikes
4. Pats

Barnyard said...

1. Miami
2. Cincy
3. Pack wins
4. Pats win

Jess said...

1. Miami
2. Cincy
3. Detroit loses.
4. Jets

Garwood B. Jones said...

The shoo-in is the Thursday night game? BBM and I need another target. One other game between division leaders - Giants/Ravens. Does that work for you Dr. Wice?

1. In keeping with my desire not to pick the same as anyone else I'll take Indianapolis.
2. Oaktown shocker in Miami.
3. Bucs take down the Vikes.
4. Giants.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

1. Sucker. I take Indy, too.
2. Oakland
3. Washington win
4. Giants

(thursday night game was stupid choice)