Sunday, November 09, 2008

Vikings Express Happiness Over Obama, Commenters React

Pat Reusse interviews some Vikings about Obama's win.  He gets some get good quotes--thoughtful quotes from some not particularly well-known Vikings.

Reusse quoted Artis Hicks as saying, "Every parent and grandparent can now look the youngster who gives that answer square in the eye and say, "Yes, you can be president."

"When you're dealing with money, people always are going to try to protect what they have,'' [Receiver Bobby] Wade said. "But on the grand scale of things, what this election means in the history of this country -- and, I believe, for the future of this country -- outweighs being asked to sacrifice a little more out of what's still a very nice paycheck.''

That didn't stop the Star Tribune commenters from assuming that these black players didn't know what they were talking about.  Minnesota loves their black men, as long as they don't, you know, have opinions.  Some favorites below:

Gildersleeve:  Here we go again, with the African American. What constitutes being African American? Is it being born in Africa and Immigrating to the USA? Is it cause he looks more Black then White? Why can't he be European American or How About AMERICAN, if he was born in Hawaii like he says, instead of Kenya, like his Grand Mother says. COURSE if he was born in Kenya, he can't be President can he?? GET OFF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN @#$##@##$$$#$%&^^%

mnhusker4:  Shows that even most football players are un-educated when it comes to politics.

chadvs:  The real question is can either one of these two name one thing Obama plans to change? Like everyone else that blindly follows this guy based on nice speeches. Train wreck is coming.

mkleddy:  Stick to sports, Pat...evidently these two werent the only ones who were should fit in well at the red star

dzemke:  I don't think they realize that they make more than $250K and that soon the will be having their wealth "redistributed" to their posse.

And that's just page 1 of the comments!

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Jess said...

Comments at the Strib make my heart and my head hurt. They're like a damn train wreck -- I hate to read them, but I can't help myself from doing it.