Saturday, November 29, 2008

Plaxico's Adventure More Hilarious Than Expected

After a day of headlines about Plaxico getting shot in a nightclub, we learn now that he accidently shot himself?

Awesome.  Kids--let this be a lesson.  When freakin' at the danceclub, make sure your handgun that you have snuck into the nightclub doesn't have a chamber in the round.


Lucy Rhode said...

Some folks will do anything to avoid social situations.

"Thanksgiving I will do, but if you tell me that we are spending Christmas with your family and friends, I will blow my fucking leg off!"

Happy Holidays IDYFT!

Muumuuman said...

Hey Plaxico, say goodbye to the Superbowl contending Giants and hello to the Raider Nation!

Lucy Rhode said...

Harris Smith at Applebee's? Really?