Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blogger Round-Up

It is an old post, from a Blog (Green Bay Booze and Broads)  that may have been abandoned.  But this is important:  The Many Faces of Aaron Rodgers, Explained.

Sniffing the Touchline remind us of a story we were going to share, but then forgot.  The story of Stoke City's Rory Delap, who may be in professional soccer for one reason--his ability to throw a ball in.  Baseball/American football type specialization may be coming to soccer.  That could be a problem down the line, but for now, just watch this guy huck shit.

Following the soccer theme for a moment--an odd moment from EPLTalk in which they imagine a world in which the premier soccer league was played in America.  Which city would translate to what city?  That sort of thing.  No love for the hotbed of the Upper Midwest (no Milwaukee, no Minneapolis).

Finally, the AVClub of the Onion looks back on two awful movies:  The Phantom and The Shadow.  You could do worse than read Nathan Rabin's beautiful dissection of these steaming piles of failed ephemera.

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