Friday, November 14, 2008

College Basketball Results

I wrote a College Hoops post earlier today, but there were a couple of things I didn't have the time or space (or effort or will) to include.

One was my reaction to the idea of Stephon Curry, Mr. Running Off Multiple Screens Himself, being moved to Point Guard.  My reaction was, "Well, that's not going to go well."  I was going to rail against that idea.  I was explain, in careful detail how it is an absolute waste to have a jump shooter with a quick release be the subject of the defense's scrutiny as the ball moves up court.  I was getting ready to pounce, like an angry, horny cougar, on a 19 year old boy.  And by cougar, I mean, a big hungry cat.  

So just to be a dick, Dell Curry's kid ran the point against something called Guilford, scored a bunch a points, had a bunch of assists, and had a bunch of assists.  Now, to be fair, if the #20 Team in the country were something like, I don't know, Wisconsin, you wouldn't be surprised by the fact that last year's shooting guard was able to beat the shit out of something called Guilford.  Davidson and Stephon Curry, whilst ranked in the top 20, are still technically a tiny beat to shit school.  We'll see how running a jump shooter at the point works when they play a real team.

Contrary to some predictions, Oklahoma pissed all over American.  Which is fine.  I figured they would win.  Did I predict that Blake Griffin would be allowed to huck threes?  No.

But, hey, um, I'm burying the Mother Fucking Lede.  Guess who Kentucky lost to today.  No, really, guess!  Drexel?  Nope.  That would be too high quality.  George Mason?  Nope.  The Fighting Artichokes of Flagstaff?  Now you are just being stupid.

Kentucky lost to the Virgina Military Institute, commonly shortened to VMI.    VMI chucked three's (31), though not as many as they had planned to chuck (50)   I'm pretty sure that Kentucky never led in this game.  Kentucky lost at home to VMI.  That's fucking hilarious. Wonder if those assholes in Kentucky are re-thinking driving out Tubby Smith because he wasn't winning enough national championships for them?  Goldy Gopher thanks you, Kentucky idiots!  This will be the kind of loss that I use to illustrate that the SEC isn't all that great.    "How great can the SEC be," I'll say, "when the 5th best team in their conference lost to the likes of VMI?"  And you know what?  There is no good answer to that question.   Except to say, "Billy Gillespie may be a good coach, but he can't recruit for shit."  Watch for Kentucky to continue to disappoint.  

There is one reason that UConn is ranked in the top 3 in every poll--it is because they are a typical UConn team, coached by reliable genius Jim Calhoun, and then one must add to that typical UConn team, a dominant Big East Center in Hasheem Thabeet, who is scary monster of a man.  As I said a little while ago (to paraphrase myself)  the next great center in the Big East, in the tradition of Rony Seikaly, Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, and Dikembe Mutumbo is Thabeet.  He paced UConn to an easy win tonight. Sure, they were only playing Western Carolina.  Just like Kentucky was only playing VMI.

If UConn doesn't spend a good chunk of the year at #1, I may not just eat my own hat, but your hat of choice.  UNC?  Phht!

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