Thursday, November 27, 2008

IDYFT NFL Pick 'Em: Thankful for the Little Things

Totally somnolent from two complete Thanksgiving dinners with seconds and the shittiest day of football I can remember, I don't have a lot to offer except the facts.

But the NFL must rethink its automatic T-day lineup. Three shitty & boring blowouts, one of which none of us were able to see. Bluh.

The Raiders upset of the Broncos in Denver screwed a lot of shoe-ins, and no one had the foresight to pick Oaktown to win.

And in other news, for fans of IDYFT and To The Last Drop in the New York area, I have a couple of events to highlight:

On Saturday, December 6th I will be reading and signing books at KGB Bar (85 E. 4th St.) from 7-9 pm.

On Monday, December 8th I will be signing books at Sage's Pages Bookstore in Madison, NJ from 6-8.

I'll also be speaking to classes at my high school but I'm sure most of you miscreants have restraining orders and won't be able to attend.

The Standings
1. Adw: 50 (this week +10)
2. Jess: 38 (this week 0)
3. Garwood: 30 (this week +10)
4. Big BM: 28 (this week 0)
5. Miwacar: 3 (this week -4)
6. MMMan: 1 (this week -6)
7. Barnyard: 0 (this week -20)

This Week's Picks
1. Your Shoe-In?
2. This Week's Upset List:
Denver, 49ers, Cincy
3. Your Favorite/Most Disliked Team?
4. Clash of The Titans: Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots


Andrew Wice said...

1. Indy wins
2. Denver upsets Favre
3. Washington wins
4. Pittsburgh

Miwacar said...

1. Indy
2. Denver

Jess said...

I saw the Philly/Arizona game. Well, except for when we took a walk and then just watched other stuff because the game sucked so much ass.

1. Indy
2. 49ers
3. Uh, Detroit already lost? Does history count for anything here? No? Vikes lose?
4. New England

Andrew Wice said...

Jess, I'll give you the Detroit loss based on your season-long hatred (even post-Kitna) and you're stated expectation that they won't win all year. Unless I hear differently, I'll give you the Detroit loss.

But if you man-pants up and pick the Vikes to lose, good on ya.

Jess said...

I totally feel like I'm copping out if I don't go with the Queens to lose.

Barnyard said...

1. Jets
2. 49ers
3. Um. Pack wins.
4. Pats.

Muumuuman said...

1. Baltimore
2. Denver
3. New Eng Lose
4. Pit

Garwood B. Jones said...

1. Buffalo wins (gotta get rid of that loaf)
2. Denver - how is this an upset pick?
3. Vikes get it done and somehow are in first place.
4. Patriots grind one out in the snow.

Lucy Rhode said...

Who doesn't dig Pittsburgh right now?

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Wice went to high school?