Thursday, November 06, 2008

We Remember Dwindle!

Perusing our recent friends on MySpace (did you know you can be our friend there?  You can!) we discovered one of our favorite Macalester-originated bands, Dwindle, has put out some free tracks--the story is fairly typical--they recorded them at a well known recording studio years ago, they sat around, and now they are just available for free.

Which is nice--I remember Dwindle as being a loud power-trio, but they mellowed either with age or just as part of their plan--either way I really enjoy their current (a few years old) sound.  Kind of a Yo La Tengo or the mellower side of Sonic Youth feel to their tracks.

You can visit their website and download their tracks for free here.  If you don't trust me (and why should you?) you can preview their tracks on their MySpace Page.  I highly recommend the track "Persistence Pays Off."  (Language Warning!  They say "FUCK" early and somewhat often on that track).

1 comment:

Andrew Wice said...

Sweet! I loved Dwindle. One of my all-time favorite Mac bands, alongside with Walt Mink and Cockpocalypse.

Thanks for letting me know; I'll check out their hootch.