Sunday, November 02, 2008

Blogger Round-Up

Of late, we've been absolutely horrible about highlighting our fellow blogs.  And that's just bad for business.  For you see, if we link approvingly to them, they might look at what we are blogging about, and they might just link to us.  

Aside from the whole bad for business model, we also enjoy other blogs, and we do mean to mention them.

So we are bringing back, and making a serious effort at continuing, our Blogger Round-Up.  We will start with folks who have managed to keep us in their blog-rolls, and have accidently generated traffic for us.

Rumors and Rants (diehard Chargers fans) react to the firing of Ted Cottrell.  Has Ted Cottrell ever willingly left a job?  The crew at Rumors and Rants are also calling out Norv Turner, something we fans of the Washington Drunken Savages do well.   Rumor and Rants is less heavy-handed than we were, though, simply saying, "Speaking of Norv, this mess isn’t all the defense’s fault. His offense, yes HIS offense, doesn’t hold on to the ball. "  Too nice, Rumor and Rants.

The Big Picture (the younger and more successful little brother we never got to resent) is agog over Chocolate flavored Skittles.  We had no idea these existed.  We were happier before we knew.  It sounds like awful chewy M&Ms.  But we'll let the lads of The Big Picture get on with their review.

The Ladies...Are celebrating their 1000th post like some countries celebrate their 200th year of existence.  But they have a fascinating post in which each lady picks their #1 Hottie.  There are some clearly homer yet reasonable picks (Joe Maurer, David DeJesus); there are some odd/alternative picks (Steve Nash) , and then there is the outright insane picks (I'm calling you out, Mistress Christina, for your jailbait/unattractive/crazy pick of Tyler Hansborough).  Thanks to The Dame of Extra Time who linked to a great Thierry Henry goal.

Unprofessional Foul has been watching more European football than we have, and they have casually discussed some pretty fantastic soccer goals.  Check the full discussion here (it is worth it) whilst we wrap up with a favorite clip we learned about from the Unprofessional Foul crew.  This is Nantes' Remy Mareval, and it is a nice strike.

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