Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Metrodome - A Sexual Shangri-La

Apparently if you like to have loud public sex in crowds cheering you on, the Metrodome is available.  During Iowa's ass-kicking of Minnesota this past Saturday, some folks do what folk will do, which is get drunk.  Then they did something that most folk won't do--public sex in a bathroom of the Metrodome.

Also, it's possible our couple were strangers prior to that meeting, as these two do live more than an hour's drive from each other, and I'm guessing they might not have known each other.  (One going to Des Moines for fun, the other to Omaha--always just missing each other until that magical moment when they met in the handicapped stall in a Metrodome bathroom.  It's like that movie Serendipity, but like it was directed by David Cronenberg.

And clearly, this sentence from Star Trib writer Paul Walsh is meant as a Thanksgiving present:  "He was released to his girlfriend and she to her husband, police said."

Thanks, Paul!

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Jess said...

Tsk. Iowegians.