Saturday, November 08, 2008

Blogger Round-Up

Words I never thought I would say:  "I totally agree with Fred Smoot."

Courtesy of FanHouse, I've learned about a controversy that I had been blissfully unaware.  Ryan Clark of the Steelers was fined for memoralizing Sean Taylor on his shoes.  Damn these flashy athletes with their flashy TD celebrations and quiet honoring of dead friends!  And that's the problem, isn't it, with the No Fun League--they don't even seem to understand that not everything is for fun or for self-aggrandizement.  They treat everything as if it were, and when called on it, they throw up their hands, and say, "Hey, what can we do--the rules are the rules."  As if they weren't the ones who wrote the rules in the first place!  Anyway, Ryan Wilson of FanHouse tracked this whole thing for us, and we are grateful--we were lacking things to be angry about, what with everything else in the nation going so swimmingly.  Fred Smoot came down on the right side of the argument; hence the lead-in to this post.  Fred Smoot--he handles controversy the same way he handles double-ended dildos--with flair.

Rumors and Rants documents what other people are asking (which is exactly the kind of thing a blog should do, by the by) and they are noticing that the election of a Chicagoan political manuever artiste to the Highest Office in The Land (ala Obama) may have some positive impact on Chicago getting the 2016 Olympics.  We look forward to Athletes From Around the world getting their first taste of being greeted with calls of "Hey, ya douchebag!"  

10,000 Takes heard an interview with Kevin McHale that suggests what I was saying to Miwacar just this evening--that Freddy Hoiberg needs to be in charge of evaluating Guard Talent from here on out.  Not that that wasn't already obvious, as the painful Foye for Roy trade is still fresh in our minds (with the Timbies losing to the Trailblazers tonight).  Turns out McHale doesn't like the way Chris Paul or Steve Nash play the PG position.

Pacifist Viking has one thing to say to Brad Childress about this weeks Packer's game:  You must not go 0-6 against the Packers.  That said, Pacifist Viking isn't too optimistic about the game.

I may have to eat my hate for the Timberwolves Kevin Love-OJ Mayo trade.  To my mind, Kevin Love has been consisently overperforming as a rookie.  If he stays that consistent, than I will have to admit that my own assessment of his performance is what was wrong, and that he isn't "overperforming" at all.  Genius Wolves blogger Britt Robson seems to be of a similar mind.

To quote, briefly:  "My skepticism about Kevin Love's immediate ability to contribute is steadily being eroded by the depth of little things he brings to the game. Like most others who "know how to play," Love has confident instincts that produce quick reactions, like throwing the ball off your opponent as you are falling out of bounds, or knowing when trying for a block is just going to risk a three point play and instead making the hard foul. More subtly, it is knowing first if you need to rotate over on help defense, and, if so, when best to go to be disruptively effective. It is knowing when to make a pass that probes and when to simply maintain rapid ball movement around the perimeter. Or when to sell out and totally crash the boards and when to lurk for a putback but prioritize getting back on D."

(seriously, it doesn't matter if you like the Wolves or not--if you like basketball, read Britt Robson).

And finally, courtesy of Deuce of Davenport, comes one of the more ridiculous (deserved) red cards I've ever seen.  Andre Luis, you are crazy awesome.  But mainly crazy.

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