Sunday, November 16, 2008

IDYFT NFL Pick 'Em: All Tied Up

The old Cincinnati Push 'Em (note: this link is for adults only) results in a Push all across this week's Upset Picks. I would also like to apologize for scheduling a Thursday Nighter for last week's Clash of the Titans, my mistake. I won't do that again.

Feeling contrite (etymology: L, bruised), I have some complimentary pleasures for you that will break the tie which so clottingly clogs your emotional investment in this, our IDYFT Pick 'Em.

But a quick reminder: this is what you're playing for:That's right, a 100% cotton cruelty-free To The Last Drop t-shirt.

Free Pleasure: pick the one week you believe the winless Detroit Fudgefest will win a game. Pick right for a ten point bonus. Wait, you say: that Detroit Fudgefest will be the first team since the 1976 Tampa Bay Bucs (0-14) to go winless: fourteen point bonus if you're right!

Detroit Fudgefest remaining schedule, pick it: Bucs (11/23), Titans (11/27), Vikes (12/7), at the Colts (12/14), Saints (12/21), at the Packers (12/28).

And before I forget, here's the best INT in NFL history: Troy Polamalu. Fucking awesome, like huge tits with a mute button!

1. Adw: 40 (this week +7)
2. Jess: 38 (this week +13)
3. Big BM: 28 (this week +4)
4. Garwood: 20 (this week +10)
5. MMMan: 7 (this week +7)
Miwacar: 7 (this week -7)
6. Barnyard: 0 (this week -1)

This Week's Picks
1. Your Obama Shoe-In? +3 correct/-7 incorrect
2. This Week's Upsets: +7 correct/-3 incorrect
winless Detroit, Oaktown, Cincy, 49ers, Chefs
3. Your Favorite/Most Disliked Team? +/- 3
4. Clash of The Titans: Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons +/- 7
5. Detroit Fudgfest Wins When? +10/+14 (never)


Andrew Wice said...

1. Washington wins
2. 49ers upset
3. Washington wins
4. Atlanta wins
5. Detroit Fudgefest beats Vikings

Muumuuman said...

1. Denver
2. Kansas City
3. Dallass Lose
4. Atlanta
5. 0-16. - also, the Vikings injure Culpepper who will be out for the season.

Barnyard said...

1. Denver
2. Queefs
3. Pack Wins!!
4. Panthers
5. Tough call. Lions become standard bearers for crapulence; waltz to 0-16.

Garwood B. Jones said...

1. Tampa Bay
2. Chiefs (I also think San Fran has a really good shot)
3. Packers lose
4. Falcons win
5. Lions beat the Vikings. Sigh.

Miwacar said...

1. Pitts
2. Chiefs
3. Vikes win
4. Carolina
5. Beat the Saints for Xmas 12/21

Andrew Wice said...

Barnyard, crapulence means drunk from excessive food and drink, as in a feast.

I think the word you wanted to describe the Lions is "crap."

Barnyard said...

Duly noted.

Jess said...

1. Denver
2. The Chieves
3. Detroit loses.
4. Atlanta
5. Nevah!