Saturday, November 01, 2008

IDYFT Dirty Picker Fight: Midseason Update

As we enter Week 9 of the NFL Season, I thought a quick update on the status of our Pick'Em League was in order.  Without further ado, our leaderboard (please keep in mind, we have two numbers:  total # of correct picks, and then Total # with lowest week dropped out)

hockeyfan:  64, 60

hockeyfan has a 4 game lead on everybody else.  We are all clearly hoping that hockeyfan will fall down soon.  Fall down, hockeyfan!  Fall the fuck down!

Speaking of fuck, fuckin' spread is in at #2. 

fuckin' spread:  60, 56.  

But here's where things get interesting--4 points separate first place and second place.  If you take that same four point spread, and apply it to the teams behind fuckin' spread, you have a complete fucking log jam:

Papa Smurf's Big Blue Cock:  56, 56
Monkeys, Monkeys, Ted and Alice 58, 55 (nice Kicking and Screaming reference*, by the by)
Badcock:  59, 54
(yours truly) The Magnificent Nipples:  53, 53
Brett Favre's Magic Gun:  53, 53
Hot Bacon Emotions:  56, 52

That's a fucking logjam,  and Gary Parrish (yes, actually Gary Parrish) is in at 51, 51.  

Then there's a whole lot of garbage behind those folks--but look at how close all that is.  All we need is for hockeyfan to forget to include his picks for one week, and it will be a seven way tie for first.  Very exciting!   The race for the Statue of Jesus Playing Football or the Farting Bear is on!


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