Friday, October 31, 2008

NCAA Basketball: Real Polls

No offense to HoopsAddict or Gary Parrish, but their top picks are the work of some individuals, and now we have some real polls from the AP and from the Coaches.  

Let's see where we are--and yeah, we are still about 10 days away from a real game (and given the opponents of the Top 25, we are using the term "real game" fairly loosely)

AP and Coaches' Poll here.

And hey, not to brag, but the coaches agree with me when I questioned Gary and HA's pick of Louisville over UConn.  Also, the coaches agree with me that UCLA should be #4.  The coaches also agree that GP and HA have Notre Dame overrated.  The coaches and AP show true wisdom by overrating Notre Dame a little bit less.  

Notre Dame won't make it to the Sweet 16. Write it down, bitches.

Most intriguing Top 25 by the coaches and the AP:  Wake Forest.  Gary admitted that they were a team that could punish him for not ranking them. What's so special about Wake Forest?  I feel like I know the ACC, but I don't know what makes them so dangerous this year.  I have time to learn, of course, but to see them in the Top 25 in two expert polls is interesting.

Least Intriguing:  Gonzaga:  Gary, HA, The Coaches, and AP all say Gonzaga is hovering right around the Top 10 to Top 15.  Nope.  They will win their conference, yes; but they will lose some (several?) high profile games.  The backcourt of Boldin and Pargo just doesn't impress me.  A year older, maybe, but those guys didn't impress me with their maturity throughout last season.  Gonzaga will not be anywhere in the Top 10.  Top 25, probably.

Most underrated:  There are a couple of choices here.  I'm going to lead off with a team that I fucking hate:  Syracuse.  Donte Green left early, like a fucking dumbass, but Johnny Flynn stuck around, and Flynn is going to prove himself to be the second coming of Sherman Douglas, but quicker.  The Big East is a Murderous Row for every member of the Big East--Louisville, UConn, Georgetown, Pitt, Syracuse, Marquette, Notre Dame--that's seven teams that are practically guaranteed to be in the Big Dance.  I like Syracuse to be better than at least a couple of the teams ranked ahead of them--in particular.

Minor League teams are still getting dissed:  watch out for Butler, UAB, Davidson, and Xavier, to name a few.

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