Tuesday, October 28, 2008

IDYFT NFL Pick 'Em: The Big Bite

This week's Shoe-In (that is to say, "sure to win") was a close call for everybody, except Garwood who inexplicably chose the 49ers over Seattle as his sure win: "What's up picking a 10-point favorite twice, Wice?" Washington trailed the winless Lions all game and needed a punt return TD to secure the 4th quarter victory. I could have lost 10 points right there.

Fella, did you see the size of that victory burger? To reiterate, your Shoe-In pick gives you +3 if you're right but -7 if you're wrong. Weekly Upset is +7 if you're right, only -3 if you're wrong. Your IDYFT Pick is your favorite team to win or most disliked team to lose for +/- 3. And the Clash of the Titans is +/- 7.

Garwood, I'll absolve you of your twenty point loss if publicly admit that your eyes were bigger than your stomach. You see, I'd rather like to keep you in the game and watch you wither slowly, in agony.

NEW FEATURE: *BONUS* on the weekly upset if you correctly pick the winless Lions or Bengals to get their first win: +10.

The Standings
1. Adw: 33 (this week +10)
2. Big BM: 24 (this week +10)
3. Jess: 19 (this week -4)
4. Miwacar: 8 (this week +4)
5. MMMan: -16 (this week +4)
6. Garwood: -34 (this week - 20 unless you pucker up, buttercup)

This Week's Picks
1. Your Shoe-In?
2. This Week's Sarah Pallin Underdog List:
winless Lions*, winless Bengals*, Chiefs, Cowboys (!)
3. Your Favorite/Disliked Team?
4. Clash of the Titans: the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Washington Football Team


Andrew Wice said...

1. Tampa Bay
2. winless Lions win
3. Dallas loses
4. Washington

Miwacar said...

1. Philly
3. Vikes
4. Splittsburgh

Good to see Gilbert Brown can still throw it down.

Muumuuman said...

Jess - I only noticed your huge lead last week and your pick of the Lions as your most disliked team. I think I shall start disliking the Bengals. Stupid cat.

1. Jacksonville
2. Lions
3. Dallas Loose
4. The Washington Steelers. Heads. I mean tails. No, heads. OK: Washington

Barnyard said...

I wish I thought y'all had built too much of a lead to catch:

1. Bears
2. Cowboys
3. Vikings lose (Brad Childress announces Mike Tice-like "Randy Ratio" ploy to extend job tenure four more weeks).
4. The Burgh of Pitts.

Jess said...

My huge lead that is now gone. I suppose that's what I get for scoring a big, fat zero two weeks in a row.

1. Philly
2. Cowboys
3. Detroit loses.
4. Washington

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

1. NY Giants!
2. Chiefs
3. Dallas loses
4. Washington (that's a picking with my heart pick)

Garwood B. Jones said...

Hmmm... while I must admit I didn't know the rules, eating crow has never been my style whereas I love to overreach. I must therefore decline your offer, Big Blue. I prefer to quit participating after this weeks picks shit the bed.

I hate the third grade and I hate all of you! I'm never coming back here again... NEVER!

1. Buffalo hands it to the Jets.
2. The Bengals win and end Jack Del Rio's coaching tenure (they don't fire him now but this loss is the tipping point)
3. The Packers are a trendy pick in Tennessee. Sorry, hipsters. Titans win (yes, I recognize the irony).
4. Steely McBeam!

Garwood B. Jones said...

I can only hope that ploy somehow involves a renewed dedication to either Jim Kleinsasser or the old fumbleruski.

Preferably both.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

for the record, it is Andrew Wice shaming you, not me.

I'm much more forgiving than that.