Monday, July 09, 2007

The Uusorg Juggernaut Rolls On

While some of my compadres may be fascinated by the likes of Roger Federer and his tennis match winning antics, the Uusorg Brothers are quite dominant in their chosen field: The Annual Wife-Carrying Championships.

Madis won this year (for the second time); following his brother Margo's win last year. And the prize is quite valuable: "plasma televisions and [Madis' wife] Klauson's weight, 49 kilograms, in beer." That's over 100 pounds of beer, people.

Madis summed up the risks of the dangerous course, and the reward well: "'I drowned in that pool, but at least my wig is still in place. Now for beer,' he said."

I have to assume John Kruk has uttered those exact words at least once.

Your winners:

Learned about via the always awesome Neatorama

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Andrew Wice said...

Back in my day, wife-carrying meant something. Look at that skinny wife he's carrying. Big deal. She's probably been on Slim-Fast for a month. Used to be, the wife would eat goulash and dumplings moments before the competition.

In other news I have my beer, but can't seem to find my wig.