Thursday, July 19, 2007

Camels Are Extreme

I'm sure local tout and man-about-town Garwood B. Jones will be weighing in later, but I wanted to point out that local hippodrome Canterbury Park is highlighting an "extreme" weekend promotion that I'm saddened I will miss.

Is it coincidence that a day featuring extreme animals would be sponsored by an extreme "meat" product Spam? Hell, no.

Get out to Canterbury this Sunday, and watch the Turf vs. Grass race; "Hundred in a Heartbeat", the shortest race ever at Canterbury, and special races featuring camels and ostriches (not together, that would be stupid). Is is Extreme Day!

I don't see any previews of the various fauna racing, but I'm sure Garwood can tell you what to look for when looking for a quick moving camel or ostrich.

1 comment:

Muumuuman said...

A camel race? Are they gonna have a race where they smoke Marlboro's too? Ba-rum-pum.