Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's Like Some Magical Nerd Holiday Time

Man vs. Wild is back; Survivorman is returning soon. Pros vs. Joes and Ninja Warrior are casting. Harry Potter came out. I'm 13 songs into Guitar Hero: Encore, and I'm loving it.

"Hang On Loosely" is a brilliant, brilliant cut. I see that now.

And, now, the capstone on the entire thing. boingboing links to a dude who stumbled on a Spider-Man/Planned Parenthood Team-Up. Fucking Awesome.


lbutler36 said...

Les Stroud>Bear Grylls

Big Blue Monkey said...

lbutler, I totally agree, but I don't.

I think Les is much more impressive, and I had seen maybe 4 episodes of Survivorman before I saw an episode of Man vs. Wild, and so it seemed like Bear was cheating--camera crew? That's bullshit!

But they do different things. But in general, yeah, Les > Bear. I love them both, though.

I'd like to see a season of Survivor where these guys are smuggled onto the two teams, and the contestants don't know who they are (which wouldn't be that hard, I bet). See how long the helpful Canadian/Limey gets voted off.

lbutler36 said...

If I wanted to survive, I would take Stroud. If I wanted to run down steep slopes, go cliffdiving, and listen an englishman talk all day, I'll take Grylls.

Also, Into the Legion with Bear Grylls is also pretty badass.