Sunday, July 01, 2007

Copa Americas: Sunday Preview

Two Games Available to thus of us with Univision. It's a double header starting at 4 pm EST.

First up:

Brazil vs. Chile--Brazil is coming to this match after gettin' beat by Mexico. Brazil is fielding a young team in this tournament, with lots of players we will probably be gushing over in a year a or two. Robinho is by far the most recognizable name on the pitch thus far for Brazil. Chile is coming off a 3-2 come from behind win against Ecuador.

It is not too soon to call this a must win for Brazil. Mexico and Chile already have 3 points each, and Ecuador, even in the loss to Chile, has proven it can score. And with the Mexico vs. Ecuador match occuring later in the day, Brazil can't even afford a tie. They need to win this game, and win it by as many goals as they can. They know this. I imagine this to be a very entertaining match indeed. If Chile wins this game, Brazil is all but guaranteed an early exit, and young team or no, that will probably lead to the firing of at least one coach.

Prediction: Brazil 3, Chile 1 (Watch out for Robinho and recent ManU acquisition Anderson)

Mexico vs. Ecuador--Mexico took advantage of their chances, and didn't let Brazil score, despite ferocious pressure for about 65 minutes of the 90 they played. Ecuador knows they are still alive in this group because of Mexico's win (Brazil ain't running away with it) despite losing to Chile. If Brazil beats Chile, Ecuador can force a 4 way tie for first, with only goal differential as a tie breaker going into the 3rd round of play. This game will be as hotly contested as the first game, but it may be the more brutal of the two matches. Mexico ain't known for their sportsmanship, and Ecuador isn't known for their beautiful version of the game. Expect hits, and more than a few dives (which could, sadly, decide the match). There may be one or two bits of brilliance in this game (Mexico had two moments of brilliance against Brazil) that may counteract the ugliness I foresee in this game.

Prediction: (I want Ecuador to win this game, I really do) Mexico 2, Ecaudor 1 (Mexico will win without contributions from Borghetti or Blanco, who are too old to do much).

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Miwacar said...

NIce work on the predictions Big BM. It would have been a little better if you would have predicted Robinho'S 3 goals, but still good prognostication.