Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Timberwolf Demands to be Traded

Oh, no. First the Garnett rumors, and now Troy Hudson?

What will the Timberwolves do without a streaky, undersized, shoot-first, lazy-defensively point guard?

Who will be the guy on the Timberwolves roster who thinks he can rap if T-Hud is no longer here to spit the lyrics? Will the Bow-Wow tour still use his talents?

Hudson, mainly on the basis of one admittedly incredible streak of shooting in the playoffs a few years back, has consistently over-valued his own talents and abilities. A career FG % barely hovering over .400, a 3-pt FG average around .340 (with a tendency to jack them from everywhere), Troy is a 10 year vet quickly running out of career. Wolves, if you dare, bow to his trade demands--maybe you can get a year of car washes for McHale's car if you act quickly.

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Jess said...

Will said trade demand affect his show at First Ave later this month? Um, one of my friends is wondering.