Friday, July 06, 2007

Garza Arrives Again, Takes Part in Taking Sox Apart

It was such a nice (read: hot, humid) day that the Twins and the White Sox decided to play two games. The White Sox would have probably preferred to play just one, or maybe none, as they, in the course of two games got outscored 32-14.

Having watched Baseball Tonight, the headlines seem to be sinking towards the first game which the Twins won 20-14. And for those us who may or may not have money on the total number of home runs certain players finish with, maybe Morneau's 3 dingers in the second game are the headline. If you either a) Hate Twins back-up catcher Mike Redmond, or b) love the idea of pitchers batting in the AL, then Redmond getting conked in the by Jim Thomes' errant bat, and the substitution of Maurer, and the subsequent ugly batting of Headline Garza is your cup of tea.

Potentially lost in all of that is that Matt Garza is now 1-0 in the MLB this year, going 6 innings of five-hit, shutout baseball, striking out six. On Baseball Tonight, someone quoted a MLB scout who compared Garza to a young Smoltz. I don't know about that, but it was auspicious that the Twins went 2-0 with young Matty(s) Baker and Garza. Garza got the tired and probably emotionally drained White Sox, but all the same--these young pitchers are getting scary.

Which reminds me--we love Pat Neshek. We love everything about him. We recommended his blog; we attempted to give him a nickname. But you know, we are a bit lazy, and we never put his blog on our bloglinks. We do so now, heartily. Read Pat Neshek!

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