Monday, July 09, 2007

The Best Horse in Animation History

Again, via Neatorama, I learn that "What's Opera, Doc?" is turning 50 Years Old this week.

The Star puts it simply enough:
It is the antithesis of the routine cartoon. In place of snappy one-liners we see Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny singing their parts with complete sincerity and commitment. The backgrounds are beautifully textured paintings. The score is powerful and moving. Bugs cuts a striking figure in a metallic brassiere before Madonna was even born. It's audacious and decadent and beautiful and bold and everything the vast majority of cartoons would never dare to be.

All of that is undeniably true. But when that horse goes bounding down the hill, I laugh every single time, and I don't want to guess actual number of times I've seen this cartoon.

So celebrate with a truly American piece of art. I'd say watch it before they take it down, but Warner Brothers has seemed to be pretty cool about their cartoons going on YouTube. Perhaps because they are smart enough to realize that it will probably only drive traffic to higher quality versions available on DVD, hmm? Enjoy!


lbutler36 said...

Quick Draw McGraw? A little respect please.

Big Blue Monkey said...

60's & 70's Hanna Barbara Cartoons deserve no respect when discussing quality of animation.

Quick Draw was amusing, but he was never so lovingly drawn.

Miwacar said...

Here, here...I agree completely. Not only is it the best animated horse, all massive with dainty tapered legs and feet with a bounding gallop that is hilarious, but it is the best cartoon of all time. There I said it.

"Kill the Rabbit!"