Sunday, July 22, 2007

Two Awesome Shows Looking For Contestants

Two of the "sport" shows that I find myself watching obsessively are casting. I thought one of these shows was cancelled, and the other I thought existed in another universe, so I'm quite amped that I can help get the message out.

I've sung the Praises of Pros Vs. Joes enough that most of the Season 2 guys emailed me at some point to say, "Hey, I wasn't as big of a dick as you made me sound." I love those Season 2 guys, but they were often huge dicks.

So I can't wait to mock and then befriend the Season 3 guys. But if I am to do that, we need a Season 3.

People willing to rebound against Kevin Willis, or think having never played a minute of soccer in their lives that they can handle slide tackles from Alexi Lalas, or think they can cover Andre Rison because he's old, should check out this link right here: Spike TV is casting for Season 3.

The other show, that I've only mentioned once, is Ninja Warrior, as it is called on G4. I believe it is called Sasuke in Japan. But who cares? Because G4 is now having a contest to fill out an All-American version of Ninja Warrior. Contestants will be flown to Japan, with their very different view on personal liability lawsuits, and given an opporunity to compete.

American Ninja Warriors, read the details here, and remember, this is the sort of thing that could happen to you.

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