Sunday, July 15, 2007

Copa Americas Final Prediction

Argentina 3, Brazil 2.


1. Messi vs Robinho. They won't be playing against each other, but they are the players that the other defense has to figure out. At this moment, no team has done that yet. Great runs & great shots don't necessarily lead to goals, but they do scare the shit out of the defense. Look for the backline of both teams to be obsessing over these players. And if they don't, well then you get goals like this.

2. Defense and Goaltending. Brazil has yet to come up with a great stop this tournament. I don't think they'll get in the final. Argentina's defense is tougher, a bit rougher, and while it may give up a free kick (and possibly a goal in said free kick) it would not let someone wander in unmolested.

3. Central Midfield--Riquelme will be the difference in this game. Look for a perfectly weighted assist, or the pass before the assist, or the goal itself. Riquelme will be the difference.


Muumuuman said...

I think you forgot that Brazilians can electro-charge themselves. Go Blanca!

Miwacar said...

Well, the Riquelme part was right. It seemed that he was the only one that showed up for Argentina.

Brazil played quite good defensively. They seriously limited Messi's and Tevez' impact on the game and they tightened up defensively in the 18.

Player of the tournament, aside from Robinho, was Alex. That is quite possibly the best defensive player I have seen play for As Canarias. The Gooch has someone to study.

Doni was the better keeper in this game. Pizza Pie wasn't bad, but Doni made a couple of huge saves to maintain the shutout.

Argentina got shutout!

Miwacar said...

Dunga rocks! Read what he had to say post game: "We came here to rescue the self-esteem of the Brazilian supporter, the worker who leaves home early in the morning and comes back at late night and whose only satisfaction is when Brazil wins," he said.

He warned that Ronaldinho and Kaka would both have to fight to regain their places.

"Obviously, the player who comes is ahead of the player who doesn't," he said. "If a player comes and does well, how can I take him out of the team?"

Refreshing take in our world of cliche and faux populism.

Muumuuman said...

Heh-heh, heh...heh, you said Kaka. Heh-heh.

The Beautiful Game said...

i picked argentina 4-1, don't feel bad